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To produce smooth, accurate cuts with a minimun of chatter, the lathe saddle must ride smoothly on the ways with minimal play. As it comes from the factory, the saddle can be adjusted by means of adjusting screws on the underside of the saddle. Unfortunately, these screws are almost inaccessible, so the saddle often is not adjusted optimally. Even if you do succeed in getting it properly adjusted, it needs readjustment from time to time, so you must go through the onerous process all over again.

The modification presented here solves this problem by allowing the saddle adjustment to be done from the top of the lathe with the saddle in place. In a matter of seconds you can check the tightness of the saddle and adjust it so that there is virtually no slop between the saddle and the ways. Best of all, this is a a relatively simple modification to make.

Skill Level:  Beginner/Intermediate

Topic Length: About 20 pages when printed

Tools and Materials Needed:

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