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Bill Huxhold's working scale model Hardinge lathes, mills and engines

I first saw some photos of Bill Huxhold's work on Jose Rodriguez' site from Cabin Fever 2000. This year, I made it to CF 2001 and seeing Bill's lathes and engines was high on my list of priorities for the show.  I was not disappointed!  Wow, what a craftsman!

Miniature Mill, Dividing Head and Mahcinist's Vise

Here's a really nice little mill with an indexing head and machinist's vise.   I'm not sure if Bill made this or not, but I suspect he did since the details are similar to those on the lathes.

cf01.jpg (60497 bytes)

cf02.jpg (73203 bytes)

cf03.jpg (49214 bytes)

cf04.jpg (62053 bytes)

Working Miniature Model of Harding Turret Lathe

Here's Bill's fully functional scale model of a Hardinge turret lathe, taken from the back side. Scroll down and you will see a small brass goblet turned on this machine in a quick series of operations using form tools.

cf07.jpg (83707 bytes)

cf13.jpg (68814 bytes)

This shot shows the tailstock tool turret

cf12.jpg (67587 bytes)


Here's a closeup of one of the turret height adjusting screws:

cf15.jpg (37212 bytes)

cf14.jpg (70451 bytes)

Here's a little brass goblet turned on the turret lathe:

cf17.jpg (37314 bytes)

A detail from the lathe

cf21.jpg (41113 bytes)


Working Miniature Model of Hardinge Toolroom Lathe

acf27.jpg (73581 bytes)

The headstock with a small workpiece held in a collet:

acf28.jpg (39665 bytes)

The tailstock of the toolroom lathe

acf26.jpg (55153 bytes)

A closer view of the tailstock handwheel and scale

cf23.jpg (47035 bytes)


Steam Engines

This is one of several steam engines Bill had on display:

cf18.jpg (68917 bytes)

And a little valve...

cf19.jpg (38156 bytes)

Another one of Bill's engines.  The photo really does not do it justice, but you get the idea!

cf20.jpg (79788 bytes)

cf22.jpg (77753 bytes)

Tools & Accessories

Bill pointing out the details of some of the special tools he has made

cf25.jpg (82480 bytes)

Some little wrenches for adjusting the engines (glued down with hot-melt glue)

cf24.jpg (35870 bytes)

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